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Lemon Haze



Sativa Dominant Hybrid

25% THC

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About Lemon Haze

Where To Buy Lemon Haze Online Europe. Lemon Haze is a well-known sativa-dominant hybrid that gets its intensity and potent aroma from two distinguished parents: Silver Haze, a sativa hybrid, and strong Lemon Skunk. This strain will appeal to both indica and sativa connoisseurs with to its distinctive citrus flavor profile and long-lasting, well-balanced high. Lemon Haze scores from 12% and a startling 25% on Analytical 360’s scale of psychoactivity for cannabis strains. Cannabis Shop Online Sweden

Where To Buy Lemon Haze Online Europe

Lemon Haze flowers dazzle with their distinctive form and texture. These buds cling in roughly spherical portions and range in size from medium to large. The leaves appear rather ragged and fluffy despite being tightly packed. These puffy leaves have a mossy green color with bright orange pistils running through them. These buds are covered with amber trichomes, which give them a faintly golden glow and explain their high psychoactivity. Gorilla Glue Strain

Lemon Haze for Sale

Lemon Haze is reported to provide a creeping high that takes a while to completely manifest its effects. Smokers may initially notice a shift in how they perceive outside stimuli, with some sights or sounds taking on a trippy new dimension. A quick uptick in mood occurs along with this sensory distortion as any stressors are put on hold in favor of this bud’s optimistic outlook. Lemon Haze for Sale. An increase in mental activity may promote fascinating discourse; for individuals with an artistic bent, this strain may also inspire creativity. Lemon Haze has a tendency to provide people the drive they need to get up and tackle chores like cleaning the house or running errands in addition to these emotionally uplifting effects. Cannabis Strains Depression

As the high progresses, a powerful bodily stone gradually appears and becomes more noticeable. This interaction of mental and physical impacts can be a wonderful way to experience bodily and mental activities like exercise and, most importantly, sex. Smokers may lose their intelligent, intellectual edge when their dosage is increased, becoming more detached from their environment. Lemon Haze for Sale. Lemon Haze’s conclusion will make you happy to relax on the couch and let your thoughts roam. Due to its energizing nature, this strain is best used for getting up and baking or as a treat in the afternoon. If used at night, it would probably leave consumers wired and hyper. Blue Dream Strain

Where To Buy Lemon Haze Online Europe Lemon Haze for Sale. Its positive mental effects temporarily distract from the symptoms of mild to moderate stress.

Lemon Haze